o v project, conceived by Olivier Vrankenne, is located in uptown Brussels. Its ambition is to create 'projects in a room' that the Brussels-based architecture firm Lhoas and Lhoas has been invited to design a unique space. Our main objective is to confront various disciplines and artistic languages in a shared environment to generate a sense of curiosity and critical thinking.

OV aims to create interactions and previously unseen connections between different artistic fields, based on mutual dialogues beyond traditional art histories. With flexibility at the heart of its programming, OV will be simultaneously launching its off-site hors les murs projects.

Kakei Vanderlinden
Breuer Eussen
Appel web Guerroui web
Dobeli OV33 Lingam OV33
Img 4962
Duo Image
Ov28 Bl At Duo6
Ov27 Jfo Duo1
Ov26 Solar Vanello Duo 1
Ov25 De Vous À Moi Duo
Sam Samore 22 Untitled 322 1992
Duo Ov23 Kdb Bj515
Duo Rn Mh Mxc5
Banner Lc Ik 3
Ov Mh 4 Bamboo Hanakago Basket By Shichi Ju Nanaju
P19 Cut Copy Paste
Ov Project Noise
P17 Duo Part 3
P16 Duo 1
P15 Aga Une Saison En Enfer Duo 1
P14 E Invit 2
Ad Flyer8 Förg Blair
P12 Pm Sp Image
P10 Bl Pl Rn Image 1
P10 Bl Pl Rn Image 114
P08 Rg Eo Image 3
Ov P07 Bb Rp Image 3 Ov P07 Bb Rp Image 1 RIGHT
P06 E Invit Left P06 E Invit Right
Ts P 10178 Sw 44 79 Guf 12 02 2014 Zz03 C
Vrankenne 15 Copy 028 Pf1320 75 D2 W 1
07 Dontworry Hansen Tuazo42009 03 Lr
17 Feb 7 Studio T 1 Copy Hopi Comanche Mask Front 2 Copy
Img 4356 10 11 126 Ota Portrait 00006 Lr