o v project, conceived by Olivier Vrankenne, is located in uptown Brussels. Its ambition is to create 'projects in a room' that the Brussels-based architecture firm Lhoas and Lhoas has been invited to design a unique space.

Our main objective is to confront various disciplines and artistic languages in a shared environment to generate a sense of curiosity and critical thinking. OV aims to create interactions and previously unseen connections between different artistic fields, based on mutual dialogues beyond traditional art histories. With flexibility at the heart of its programming, OV will be simultaneously launching its off-site hors les murs projects.

  1. 2018
  2. 08. Ralph Gibson & Erik Olovsson
  3. 07. Boris Beaucarne & Raymond Pettibon
  4. 2017
  5. 06. Cindy Sherman & Urs Fischer
  6. 05. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld & Ted Stamm
  7. 04. Andy Warhol & Irving Penn
  8. 03. Design Miami/Basel: Elias Hansen & Oscar Tuazon
  9. 02. Richard Nonas & Native North American Art
  10. 2016
  11. 01. Thomas Schütte & Tribal Art